About Us (Trust)

Shree Bhavyaswaroopa Raghavendra Gho Seva Trust, a voluntary organization was formed as 'Samithi' about a decade ago. It has recently become a registered Trust. This organization was formed with the objective of upholding and preserving the noble values and indigenous practices which have been nurtured and practiced by our fore fathers.

Among its many social, cultural and religious oriented activities, the Trust shows special care for the cows which form the integral part of the human life.It is believed that feeding and preserving cows will free the humankind from all its sins.In a cow resides crores of holy souls and worshipping a cow is equivalent to worshipping the Lord Almighty. To give a fillip to this spirit the Trust has recently established a Gho sala (Cow Shelter) in a spacious shelter where cows are accommodated and taken care of by the volunteers. The cows are fed with due care and are given periodical medical check up.At present there are 8 cows in the shelter and the number is likely to increase in the near future.

SBRGST is a registered trust with an Executive Committee of seven members with a president. The main objectives of the Trust is to serve to Ghomatha, to propagate and promote namasankeerthan culture, to conduct Bhajans, Kalyana Utsavam, and other festivals out of donations received from like minded publics and organizations.